Taking another crack at data science

April 09, 2020

After over a year of studying data science, I quit. It was interesting, but also hard.

I wondered if I should spend less time doing technical work, instead of more. I imagined myself to be a foolish engineer, always chasing around ideas and complexity when the real success is found in sales or entrepreneurship.

In fact, the problem was viewing things through a career lens. It was about “becoming a data scientist” or going into such-and-such. That rationale is uninspiring and impersonal, therefore fragile. Conversely, going with what draws you in brings an authenticity that trumps perfectly following an established career path.

Having learned how to do technical work while keeping my sanity, I see data science with fresh eyes. It’s the opportunity to find real insight in the world: A rare treasure. If you can do something worthwhile, you should. So I’m picking up where I left off.